The Bois D’Arc Barn
November 17, 2020 FWadmin

The Bois D’Arc Barn

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The Bois D’Arc Barn – On the grounds of The Four Winds Victorian Venue and Suites stands a piece of Texas history. A beautiful barn believed to have been built even before the main residence. Expertly restored in 2014 by former, owner, Jenn Self Knight, the barn, like the residence’s primary foundation is built upon bois d’arc stumps. Native to this area, the bois d’ arc tree gets its name from the French meaning “bow-wood.” This was in reference to its use by the Native American for bows and war clubs because it is exceedingly heavy, hard and durable.

The barn’s interior character is enhanced by sections of charred walls rumored to have been caused by a lightning strike. Balloon style framing, original stalls and an intact hayloft will transport you back in time. It has even been said, that the barn may have been part of an early livery stable.

A quilt square titled “The Royal Blue Star” adorns the barn as it is a part of the largest quilt trail in Texas.